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Invisalign Trays Don’t Feel Tight? Here’s How to Fix It

There are different reasons, as to why your Invisalign trays don’t feel tight. We will be listing some of the reasons, why your Invisalign trays might feel like they are not fitting properly.

Your First Set of Aligners

invisalign pain first week

At some dental offices, some Invisalign doctors don’t do any adjustments to the first tray. This is simply because they want the patient to get used to wearing the aligners, without any discomfort. If you don’t feel any soreness or pain on your first tray, it might be the result of your doctor not making any adjustments as of yet.

No need to worry, simply wait it out until your next tray and if the problem persists, simply read on to find the possible answer.

Transitional Trays

invisalign trays don't feel tight

After a certain point, your trays don’t contribute to pain and discomfort. This might be with your new trays after 5 days out of your 7 day period (or 14 day period), that start to settle on your teeth and therefore does not cause discomfort any longer. The trays are supposed to move your teeth and when your teeth has moved and settled, it won’t feel uncomfortable any more.

Furthermore, for Invisalign users that are on their 20th tray or more, might have such small movements, that the transition to their new trays, don’t feel like there is a large difference. As long as your teeth are tracking correctly, you should not have to worry. More on correct tracking later in this blog post.

Invisalign Gap Between Tray and Gum

invisalign tray loose on back molar

If you are experiencing that your Invisalign tray is loose on your back molar, fear not. Typically this can be fixed using chewies, that help with seating the aligners correctly. You should be using the chewies each time you put your aligners back in and chew on them for about 2 minutes. This exercise should be done several times a day, for a period.

Generally, after a few days, your aligners should not feel loose on the back molar anymore. If your aligners still feel loose on the back molar and is popping off, you should consult with your Invisalign doctors and ensure that your teeth are tracking.

Bad Tracking

how do i know if my invisalign is working

The term “tracking” refers to a proper fit of your Invisalign aligners. You can check if your teeth are tracking by looking in the mirror and checking if there are noticeable gaps between your aligner and the edges of your teeth.

Bad tracking can happen for many reasons. We’ve listed a few below.

  • Not wearing your Invisalign aligners for the prescribed amount of time
  • Not using chewies aligner seaters enough
  • Your teeth need some extra help in the form of Invisalign attachments or buttons

If your teeth are not tracking well, you can correct this by using chewies daily. If your teeth are still not tracking well, you might want to contact your Invisalign doctor and ask about backtracking to your previous set of aligners.

Letting the Aligners Settle

invisalign tracking error

In most cases, the aligners simply need to settle into your teeth. As an Invisalign user myself, I had my worries when I put in my next set of aligners and my Invisalign was popping off my back teeth. However, the aligners settled after 2-3 days and I simply made sure that I was keeping track of how long I was wearing my aligners as well as using my chewies aligner seaters regularly. Make sure that you follow your dentists guidelines for your Invisalign treatment.

If you are new to Invisalign and getting at-home teeth straightening, check out our other blog post that features the best Invisalign tips and hacks.

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