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What is the best way to clean your tongue?

We’ve all been there – even after brushing your teeth, there’s still that morning breath lurking in the back. So the question begs, what is the best way to clean your tongue?

A Brief Lesson In Tongue Cleaning History 👅

Most of the time, your morning breath is not a result of insufficient brushing, but the culprit is often the gunk on your tongue. Some people clean their tongue using their toothbrush, or their nails or even their teeth. There’s probably a large number of people who don’t know, that you should clean your tongue ?

A majority of people brush their tongue with the bristles on their toothbrush. But think about all of that buildup on your tongue, now transferred to your toothbrush? Not very appetizing ?. In addition, if you have a sensitive gag reflex, it’s not the best idea to poke a toothbrush into that zone. 

Cleaning your tongue is actually excellent, not only for getting rid of bad breath, but also your oral health. Bacteria on your tongue can cause sore throat, tooth decay, bad breath, sinus infections and so much more. So make sure that you regularly scrape it away!

A Dedicated Tool

In fact, the best and most sterile way to clean your tongue, is by using a tongue scraper. There are many different tongue scrapers out there, however by far the best is the tongue scraper from the dedicated tongue scraping company ‘’ScrapeYourTongue’’.

No more bulky metal tongue scrapers – in with the future of tongue scrapers. Their tongue scraper is eco-friendly, with 100% recyclable materials and free from BPA. It fits in any bathroom and is absolutely not single-use. Oh, and did we mention that it is gag-proof? ? ?

If you are looking to brush up on your oral health and start cleaning your tongue – we recommend getting a tongue scraper and get to scraping!

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