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OrthoKey Removal Tool

Orthokey is a lifesaver (and nailsaver), whether you are just starting your smile journey or have been at it for awhile.

Removing your aligners has never been so easy and hygienic. It removes the aligners swiftly and painlessly and fits in most aligner cases.




No more finger fishing!

Orthokey is a patented aligner remover, that is easy to carry on the go. It’s 3 inch ergonomic design, fits in most aligner cases. Save your nails from digging into the aligners, and unhook the aligners with ease.

  • Everything you need for effective retainer and aligner removal.
  • Compact in size at 3 inches long fits in most aligner cases.
  • Ergonomic intuitive design.

How to take Invisalign out?

The best way to take off Invisalign trays, is to use a Invisalign removal tool.

  1. Take your OrthoKey out
  2. Place the hook on the back of your aligners, starting from the back molars.
  3. When the hook is fastened, release the aligners a little, by pulling down.
  4. Do the same motion for both sides, and take off the aligners.

Additional information

Weight 2 g

Blue, White