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How to Remove Invisalign Easily

You finally got Invisalign. Congrats! 🎉

Now you need to remove them, either to brush your teeth or have a meal, but they won’t budge. No need to worry though, at the end of reading this blog post, you’ll be an expert at removing your Invisalign trays.

Demonstration video

Click on the video above and see a live demonstration of how to remove Invisalign aligners with our OrthoKey removal tool!

What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Invisalign?

There are several methods and techniques to removing your clear aligners. Depending on your situation, you can use what you have available such as: your fingers, paper towels, surgical gloves or an aligner removal tool.

Method 1: Using Your Fingers

This method is the most practical solution, since you always have your fingers available to you, no matter the location. Start by releasing the aligners from the back molars on each side, by hooking your fingernails under the edge of the aligner and gently pulling down. Finally, release the aligners towards the front and your aligners should lift off easily. If you have attachments/buttons, it might be harder to remove the aligners. However, you should not tug on the aligners if one side is not releasing, since this might break your aligners.

Method 2: Using Paper Towels

If the first method did not work for you, you might try using paper towels. Paper towels will help increase your grip on the aligners. You can use both paper towels and regular kitchen paper. Take either a paper towel or a piece of kitchen paper in your hand, place it over the tooth, grasp the aligner firmly and pull down to release the aligners off the molars. Do this for each side and then gradually move towards the front.

Method 3: Using Surgical Gloves

Lots of people have reported that surgical gloves can help with removing aligners, since the increase in grip can make a huge difference. The surgical gloves allow you to have more control than the paper towels, seeing that they allow you to feel more accurately what you are doing, but still increase grip. Although you need to make sure that you use the surgical kind, and not the thick household gloves, since they won’t work as well.

Method 4: Using an Aligner Removal Tool

What I find to be the easiest way to remove Invisalign aligners, with or without attachments, is by using an aligner removal tool. These are designed specifically for clear aligners and are easy to carry on the go. If you have brittle nails or acrylic nails, an aligner removal tool is a lifesaver. An aligner removal tool hooks under the aligner and makes it easy to lift the aligners off of the teeth. They are especially helpful for people with attachments. There are several options out on the market, depending on your budget and location.

If you are interested in buying an aligner removal tool, you can buy one right here for just €7,50 from OrthoKey.

Why Is It So Hard to Remove Invisalign?

When you are starting out with Invisalign, the aligners may be difficult to remove, as new trays are tightly fitted on your teeth. Moreover, if you have attachments on your teeth, it might be even more difficult to remove your clear aligners. However, as your teeth start to settle into their new position, it will become remarkably easier to remove your Invisalign. If you are attempting to remove your aligners shortly after insertion, it will become a lot more difficult to remove them. Some orthodontics recommend changing into your new Invisalign trays at night, so that the trays can ”soften” overnight. This will also help ease some of the pain, that is associated with new trays. However, make sure that you speak to your dentist before making this change.

Does It Get Easier to Take Out Invisalign?

Yes, it does get easier to take out Invisalign trays. As your teeth start to settle in the new trays and become more accustomed to the movement, it’ll automatically become easier to take out your aligners. Everything new takes practice to get good at. So don’t worry if you are finding it hard to take out your Invisalign, over time you’ll become much better.